Carrying out a credit comparison independent of credit is an important basis for a sophisticated credit decision. Those who need a loan usually plan exactly what needs exist and how they can best be realized through installment credit. It also plays a role for which purchase or what measure a loan is needed. For a car loan, other criteria are more important than, for example, debt rescheduling.

A Personal Payday loan, however, can be used for all wishes and plans

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A Personal Payday loan, however, can be used for all wishes and plans – and the indication of a purpose is not necessary. Once these framework conditions have been clarified, loan offers can be compared. A credit comparison should be rated irrespective of credit rating, as in the credit comparison portal.

To interpret a credit comparison independent of credit

To interpret a credit comparison independent of credit

Anyone who has already conducted a credit comparison will know that the interpretation of the results is not so easy. Therefore, it makes sense to carry out a credit comparison independently of credit. Loans can be given in a comparison with interest rates above a certain value. Alternatively, you can find a range from a minimum interest rate to the maximum interest rate.

The variable interest rate then usually depends on the entry of the borrower for the specific contract. Since a potential borrower can not know at this time about his creditworthiness with a bank or a credit provider, a credit comparison should be made independent of credit. This is particularly possible if only one interest rate, for example the average interest rate of an interest margin or the most frequently awarded interest rate of a credit provider, is indicated.

Compare with expertise


Comparing a credit comparison independent of creditworthiness requires a bit of expertise. Because the generally favorable offer does not necessarily mean the favorable offer for the individual borrower. For example, a self-employed loan can be very expensive, even though the minimum possible interest rate is very cheap. Here, a credit comparison should be assessed independent of credit rating.

It often makes sense in such cases to consider alternative offers such as a private loan. Especially cheap is the comparison of the online loan often. When comparing so many aspects of an offer are observed. Cratchit family has set itself the task of comparing loans from banks, as well as online loans, customer-friendly.

Above all, the high level of customer satisfaction shows that we succeed. Our clients trust us and our credit comparison, which optimally brings together prospective and credit providers.

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